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Espaliers as Space Savers

Posted on: Monday, March 27, 2006

Espalier is an ancient 'pruning' and 'grafting' technique originally employed by the Romans and medieval Europeans as a means to save space around monasteries compounds and castle grounds. 

The process of training the long, pliable branches of fruit trees and shrubs to grow flat against south facing garden walls or fences enabled valuable garden beds to be used for other plantings such as vegetables and medicinal herbs. 

(photo: Abigail Doan, 2006) at The Cloisters, NYC

Victoria Amazonica | Urban Rafts

Posted on: Saturday, March 25, 2006

Imagine Victoria amazonica, the Giant Amazon Water Lily, floating through the networked waterways of New York City.

A night blooming water lily native to Brazil, its large platter like leaves can grow up to seven feet in diameter. The twelve-inch fragrant white flowers are often described as having a scent as sweet as pineapple. The maroon-edged leaves have a spongy, quilted texture with a spiny underbelly. 

(featured image by Abigail Doan, 2006)

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