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Origami Buckyball Tutorial

Posted on: Tuesday, August 26, 2008

In preparation for spinning 'urban fiber flotsam' from the streets of lower Manhattan, I thought that I should also polish up on some origami techniques for crafting a 'buckyball' (the artful arrangement of 60 carbon atoms). Better head over to the Whitney Museum this weekend to finally see the Buckminster Fuller exhibition. 'Starting with The Universe' seems like a good place to start.

Breaking the Mold

Posted on: Wednesday, August 13, 2008

These images of 'striped icebergs' have been floating around the blogosphere - literally. I thought that they merited yet another post of humbled admiration. Nature does it best - that's for sure, and when it comes to a grand spectacle that cannot be repeated either in stripes, zigzags or otherwise, these are sculptural forms that impressively break the mold. 

(Thanks for the eco-tip, Mom.) 

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